Posted by: Curtis Abrams | March 15, 2010

What is being safe really being safe?

Ok i got a question here? I mean when things are going your way as intended to be, then theres complacency to follow. But as soon as complacency arrives, then the downfall occurs. I realize that everyone sometime in their lives had experience that sort of experience. We as human beings are realizing that in this day in age, if two couples are going to relate to one another, then why is it that something- not necessarily a person-something has to be in the way for that house to be broken. hence, divorce, break-up and dissolution from that far fetch house called a relationship that u two had before.

I love women. Lord knows I do, but you can’t help but for one moment ponder that when its the one you want to be with so bad its also a  target of many eyes to see her which makes you a bit nervous as well as becoming furious. I mean the beauty of a woman that most guys like would love to get with will kinda put you in a challenging circumstance. What to do about it ? Act upon it or just wait and see what happens on the outcome. But I can surely tell you to hang on your woman real tight like a charmin!!

On that note, trying to understand what a very unique if not the meaning of a special relationship really has to depend on the individual’s needs and concerns upon themselves.

Well just a thought for the concerned and curious ones. You never know about when that moment comes or arrives. Just be prepared when it does.

God bless the child!!!


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