Posted by: Curtis Abrams | March 15, 2010

Why Gift Baskets you say??


Curtis's gift Baskets by LaBella

There can be legitimate reasons that certain niceness or sentimental part of your life can be so uplifting. And I truly believe that no matter what the object is, the thought is just as rewarding for that special person.

Gift baskets are great as they show you have put some thought into the gift, by picking out items you know your family such as your mom,dad or any family or friend will love. Giving present such as gift baskets had to really start from the beginning of time or even the caveman days. You show love,appreciation, support, care, thank you, grievance and most importantly some faith that’s inside of you that will appreciate upon that person by letting them know you’re on their mind just as much as that person had thought of in the first place.

Now for those of you who thinks that the gift basket phenomenon is not becoming popular as we speak. Think again! Every minute somewhere around the world someone is either ordering a certain gift basket by catalogue or the thing that’s called the internet now in which I’m currently in. It IS a thing and soon it will become a trend to have one. No more different from giving a Thanksgiving present or a Christmas gift, the basic great thing about the gift basket is that is has NO special date!!! It can be done anytime 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week!!  

And for the guys, you know how it is??? We just simply dont like to shop around!! So why not do it online at home anyway!!

Instead of running around the shops looking for potential Mother’s Day  or Easter  presents, simply pick a gift from our range and we take care of the rest for you! Our gift baskets are beautifully presented & decorated with cellophane & ribbons. You can pick from delicious food hampers containing wine & cheese, tea & biscuits, chocolate & cakes or all of the above!

And that’s just some of what our gift baskets provide for you!! stick around!!! there’s more to show and present for presents!!  

WWW.CURTSPLANB4LIFE.COM  –  Check it out!! and join the friends list when you see what selection you like!!

 I will periodically post more info about the beauty and association of what gift baskets really means to people!!



  1. I agree that gift baskets are very popular gifts and a great idea for a man who doesn’t know what to get for the woman in his life.

  2. Hello! This post couldn’t be written a great deal better!
    Sounding at this article reminds me of my former roommate!
    He peroetually unbroken discourse astir this. I am departure
    to beam this entropy to him. Pretty sure enough he’ll make a smashing register.
    Many thanks for sharing!

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