Posted by: Curtis Abrams | May 31, 2010

I’ts not just about freedom…….

You know, this is a special day for everyone. Not so much because it’s Memorial Day, but much so of the idea that we can just sit back and appreciate the finer things in life such as freedom, the right to choose and decide the way we want to.

 Now being a former veteran myself, I would have to admit that I’m so proud to fight and serve for my country back in 1994 in Somalia as well as a tour in Port-au-Prince, Haiti! Those were times that politics outweighed the consistencies of which we were down in those third world countries fighting for. I got shot in the elbow, just a minor graze, but nevertheless, I’m so proud of what circumstance that was caused for. That scar reminds me of how tough, and resistant the human spirit can become when times of danger.

 As far as the people who died or got killed in action, my love, peace and my blessings are for you and your families alike. Life is so precious that people ought to take a second look on the outcome of politics, war, and peace as we believe it to be!! God bless the troops as well as the veterans dead or alive, wartime or peacetime.

 So when you enjoy that BBQ chicken or pork with the bread or drinking the light beer and relaxing in the hot sun, remember one thing. It’s not just about celebrating the dead who gave us the opportunity to enjoy days as such, but the continuity and the precise maintainability to preserve and to keep the country fresh, beautiful and existent for many generations to come. I’m just proud once again to say, “I’m free and I’m so proud of enjoying it.”      

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  1. Very nice, Curt!! Freedom really isn’t free….

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