Posted by: Curtis Abrams | June 11, 2010

Don’t Just Sit There!!!

Hey, I’m just thinking. There’ has to better, yet ultimate, idea to put into use for a healthier life. Okay, there’s the typical exercise we all must do in order to live longer, then there’s the way you supposed to eat, as well as how you rest and how you even perform sex in the bed. All of these regimes has been doled out to individuals alike for many, many years. As a result, either two things happen: you get a sense of feeling and looking good living longer or you may fall off the required course and eventually decline in failing health resulting in a quick death.

It happens to everyone: You, Me, Mom, Dad, the little boy, the old puppy, even your 88 year old grandma has those two choices in life to decide. Yet we’re bounded by the foregoing conclusion that we could just simply do the one simple thing that’s been passed on by generation to generation to generation. And the funny thing is that no one wants to or even tries to follow this method!!

WALKING!! Just walk somewhere, anywhere so you can get that rejuvenating energy, feeling and looking great!! But my point is: why is most people worldwide is not doing that anymore. A real easy, free no-cost, short walks of life will greatly increase your chances of a greater life span.

Walking helps build endurance, enhance muscletone, increase joint flexibility, and strengthen bones. Regular walking contributes to weight loss, which in turn helps prevent or control heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and other diseases.

Reasons for a typial walk in the park for you either young or old::

1.Walkers Live Longer

The Honolulu Heart Study of 8000 men found that walking just two miles a day cut the risk of death almost in half. The walkers’ risk of death was especially lower from cancer. Other studies have had similar findings – if you keep walking, you improve your chances of a longer and healthier life.

2. Walking Helps Prevent Weight Gain

If you add just 2000 more steps a day to your regular activities, you may never gain another pound. So says research by Dr. James O. Hill of the Center for Human Nutrition at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. To lose weight, add in more steps.

3. You Can Walk Off Weight

Exercise such as walking is an important part of any weight loss program. You must still watch how much you eat in order to lose weight. But walking helps you build healthy lean muscle, lose inches of fat, and pump up your metabolism. Of long-term successful weight losers, almost all maintain a program of walking or other exercise.

4. Walking Reduces Risk of Cancer

Study after study has shown that walking and exercise reduces your risk of breast cancer and colon cancer. Walking is also good for those undergoing cancer treatment, improving their chances of recovery and survival.

5. Walking Reduces Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke

Heart disease and stroke are among the top killers of both men and women. You can cut your risk of both in half by walking for 30-60 minutes a day. Get your blood moving!

6. Walking Reduces Diabetes Risk

Get out and walk for 30 minutes a day as your minimum daily requirement for health and to prevent Type 2 diabetes. A study by the Graduate School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh, discovered that walking for 30 minutes a day cut diabetes risks for overweight as well as non-overweight men and women. Walking also helps maintain blood sugar balance for those with diabetes.

7. Walking Boosts Your Brain Power

A study of people over 60 funded by the National Council on Aging, published in the July 29, 1999 issue of Nature, found that walking 45 minutes a day at 16-minute mile pace increased the thinking skills of those over 60. The participants started at 15 minutes of walking and built up their time and speed. The result was that the same people were mentally sharper after taking up this walking program.

8. Walking Improves Mood and Relieves Stress

Walking and other exercise leads to the release of the body’s natural happy drugs – endorphins. Most people notice an improvement in mood. A Nov. 9, 1999 study published in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine showed that university students who walked and did other easy to moderate exercise regularly had lower stress levels than couch potatoes or those who exercised strenuously.

9. Walking Can Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

What better reason for men to take a brisk two mile walk each day – a reduced risk of impotence from mid-life onward.

10. It’s Easy to Get Started Walking

All you need is a pair of comfortable shoes and to get yourself out the door or onto the treadmill. You can reap the benefits of walking from doing several shorter walks or one longer walk during the day. To get you on the right foot, this easy tutorial shows you how to walk with good posture and how to increase your walking time each day.

I mean I can go on and on and on, but I like to live so for those of you who knows its wrong to just drive a car all the time, sit down on a desk all day, or even at family functions and cruises or playgrounds, don’t just sit there! Get up and just walk! Look my grandma is pushing 87 years old and she still walks to her church she’s been a member of for over 60 years. A half of mile—walking!! That can put you and me to shame you know!!

I love to walk and I do—so walk with me WordPress bloggers!!

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  1. Sounds great!!! I think I’ll start tomorrow!!!

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