Posted by: Curtis Abrams | June 16, 2010

Video Retro-Respect of the Week: Teena Marie “If I Were a Bell”

You can say anything about divas tha could sing and singers who can diva back!!! But in my opinion, you got to put in that category of Aretha Franklin, Patti Labelle, Anita Baker, Whitney Houston, and even Jennifer Hudson. But all of them wasn’t as unique and specially had that swagger and put it together in a jazzy voice on stage and on record that spans three decaeds: The Legendary 1980’s R&B protege of Rick James, Miss Teena Marie!!

Mary Christine Brockert, which is also known as “Lady Tee” is an American Grammy Award-nomited singer-songwriter-producer. She’d notable as one of the few successful multi-ethnic performers of R&B. Due to this reason, many people suspected her as the mix of Caucasian and Afro-American. The truth is, she’s actually the descendant of Belgian, Portuguese, Irish, Italian and Native American ancestry.

So you make the decision, is she black or white!! She obviously looks white and sings black!!! hmmm?!?!

Honestly, she’s one of the few Caucasian female singer who can interpreted the R&B songs with such a remarkable way! That’s why, I admired this lady very much! Enjoy this song “If I Were A Bell!” recorded live in 1992 on BET’s Video Soul with Donnie Simpson! An Instant Classic!! LIVE people!!! Amazing!!!


  1. Great topic….but you know my favorite is “Out on a Limb”. That’s one baaad sistah regardless of race, creed or color!!!

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