Posted by: Curtis Abrams | January 24, 2011

A Website dedicated to strictly………


Curtis Abrams

Curtis Abrams

Over the past few months, I been brainstorming and researching on something i can do to make a “difference” to a man and a woman! A  couple whether married, divorce, homosexual, lesbian, black, white, etc. whatever. I really believe that if I can provide something of what I know to help secure a solid relationship, then why not put it on a website on my own!!!


So over the next few weeks, I’m going to create and put up something very special and creatively unique to suit the needs of one and many others so they can take something back with them to utilize in the near future.

And believe you me, it will put a bend on making a relationship and will keep it there maybe the whole duration.

…and yes, I’m going to send out emails, forums and an electronic magazine on the subjects at hand!!

Trust me, you will actually like this concept a lot…

The hosting site is from a Canadian group specializing to enhance and to explore out the “concept” to people worldwide.

It’s exploratory, it’s fun, it’s a learning tool, it’s no joke or no spam, and finally, it’s well entertaining!!!

I’ll keep you posted and in mind of when will I launch this incredible and really plain website!!!

In the meantime come visited my blog site to sign up and look at my daily and weekly messages, images and video footage. Anybody can come and sign in on the upper right screen or go to subscribe on the top of the blog page!!

When you sign in.. I’ll keep your email private and confidential!! no spamming whatsoever!!

Go to and check my blog out!!


Stay Tuned!!!!







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