About Curtis

Well I’m from  Tuscaloosa, Alabama was born in August 1973 from a pretty much work-ethic family. I was pretty much raised without a dad and was somewhat a timid nerdy person. But with love from my immediate family and strength from the Lord, I manage to seek myself in the world with poise and correct confidence that to this day is still intact. I’m 36 years old graduated from Central High School in Tuscaloosa in 1991, around same time the Persian Gulf/Desert Storm was happening. After graduating, I joined the U.S.Army and my Basic Training in Ft. Jackson, SC was the most knowledging and stringent experience I ever had of becoming an adult- or more or less preparing to become one.

I traveled to Colorado Springs, Co; went overseas to fight in Restore Democracy in Port-au-Prince Haiti in 1994; then had a one year tour in Waegan, South Korea in 1995. Arrived back in Ft. Stewart Georgia in 1996 and in 1998, was honorably discharged from duty.

I then went to Canada in 1998 to help start a car repo business with two men. The business was but for only 6 months. We had to fold. Went back to Hinesville, GA with the intentions to get an advanced education and in 2001, arrived back to Tuscaloosa, AL to attend the University of Alabama.

It was only two weeks into my sophmore year when Sept. 11 was occuring. I then knew then it was more personal that I finish my secondary education and that I did on December 18, 2004 obtaining my Bachelors of Arts Degree for Telecommunications.

I’m currently a avid and freelance screenwriter, aspiring filmmaker and now current internet marketer of products and service to help and assist the general public. I’m also a father of my son, Joshua Curtis Abrams who is on my pic you should see in the Flikr side on this particular blog. 

I’m optimistic, unselfish with a sense of knowing where I am in the world. Shy at times around women (really), understanding, caring, witty, fun to be around and open to any possibilities that caresses my soul for the greater of interest.

Thats pretty much me in a nutshell.


  1. Hey U Dnt Knw Me But I Alwayz Enjoy Hearin Ur Thoughts N Reading Your Pharse 4 The Day U R A Very Bless N Wonderful Men Gods Nt Done With U Yet He Has SumThing Ahead Ur Way Keep Up The Good Word Hope To Read More.it Helps My Day Really.thank U

  2. ohhhhhhh….. i did look at this and i left a message yah!im hip to thisssssssssss

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